Neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment may be necessary when an illness, disability or developmental disorder causes harm to the ability to work or study and/or the ability to function in everyday life. Neuropsychological assessment assess the state of cognitive, i.e. information processing functions, behavior and emotional regulation, as well as their effect on a person's ability to function. The assessment also provides information on cognitive strengths. The methods used in neuropsychological assessment are interviews and mapping of background information, questionnaires and neuropsychological tests, as well as observation. Based on the assessment, a position can be taken, e.g. work ability or diagnostic questions and make recommendations on rehabilitation or support measures. The duration of the assessment is 3-5 hours and, depending on the situation, it is carried out in 1-3 visits. The assessment is carried out by a psychologist specialized in neuropsychology.


Neuropsychological tests evaluate e.g.

  • different aspects of concentration and attentiveness, as well as regulation of alertness
  • operations management functions, such as the smoothness of operations and planning and problem-solving abilities
  • aspects of memory and learning functions
  • visual perception
  • linguistic functions, such as word search fluency and reading and writing functions
  • emotion regulation and mood factors
  • behavior and self-regulation


When additional information is needed to support diagnostics, to assess the ability to work or study and/or to plan rehabilitation and support measures. For example

  • Assessment of neuropsychological symptoms related to neurological diseases or injuries (e.g. progressive memory disorders, MS, epilepsy, cerebrovascular disorders, inflammatory neurological diseases, brain injuries)
  • Assessment of developmental neuropsychiatric symptoms, such as ADHD, autism spectrum
  • Assessment of learning difficulties and general cognitive performance
  • Assessment of neuropsychological symptoms and cognitive functioning related to psychiatric diseases, e.g. in connection with mood disorders
  • Assessment of neuropsychological changes related to states of exhaustion, e.g. work exhaustion, long covid
  • Special questions, such as the assessment of the cognitive prerequisites of driving ability


Instructions for booking an neuropsykological assessment

A doctor's referral is usually required for a neuropsychological assessment. You can also book an assessment without a referral, but in that case you will not receive Kela compensation for the examination.

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