Work supervision

In work supervision, the supervisee explores, evaluates and develops issues related to his/her own work with the help of a trained supervisor. It is the structuring together of questions, experiences and feelings related to work, the work community and one's own work role. This enables new perspectives and solutions to be found.

Work supervision is confidential and goal-oriented. The goals of work supervision can be, for example:

  • clarifying the basic task and work goals
  • strengthening professional identity and own work role
  • facilitating interaction and cooperation
  • clarifying leadership
  • deepening of professional skills
  • development of work planning and solution skills
  • supporting the ability to work and function
  • promoting work quality and achievement at work
  • dealing with emotions related to client work

Work supervision can be used in all industries, regardless of the employee's profession or task. Work supervision is a process that consists of supervision meetings held approximately once a month. Work supervision can be given to an individual, a group or the entire work community. Work supervision can be implemented either via internet or on-site as personal guidance.

Work supervisors certified by the Finnish Association of Work Supervisors (STOry) have been trained in accordance with the training recommendations of the Finnish Work Supervisor Association. You can inquire about more specific educational orientations from our work supervisors.

Customer or patient cases are handled anonymously in Case work supervision. The goal of case supervision is to support client or patient work and the work practices of the supervisee. Our neuropsychological work supervisors are specialized in helping colleagues, other healthcare and pedagogical professionals in client and patient cases.