Ulla Ellfolk

Neuropsychologist, PhD, neuropsychology supervisor 

My work includes neuropsychological assessment (adults 16+), neuropsychological rehabilitation and neuropsychological supervision. I am a licensed psychologist in Finland and Sweden and my working languages ​​are Swedish (mother language), Finnish and English.

You may be eligible for rehabilitation through Kela, with a payment commitment from a hospital or insurance company, or as self-pay. Typical indications for neuropsychological assessment or rehabilitation are learning difficulties, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), neuropsychiatric conditions (autism) and neurological conditions such as memory disorders and dementias, cerebrovascular disorders, MS, traumatic head injuries, neurological fatigue, mood disorders and decline in cognitive working ability. 

An individual treatment approach is always a priority. Rehabilitation can include meetings with family members, meetings in the home of the client, or meetings in the everyday environment of the client.

I have extensive experience in neuropsychological assessment at a university hospital neurology clinic as well as neuropsychiatric assessment in an open care psychiatry clinic. My field of interest is neurodegenerative disease, particularly Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. My doctoral thesis covered the neurocognitive symptoms of early-stage Parkinson's disease (2014). I have participated in the production of textbook chapters and patient information related to cognition in Parkinson’s disease, as well as scientific papers and peer-review.