Mira Karrasch

Clinical Neuropsychologist, PhD (Docent)

Neuropsychological assessments as part of the diagnostic process of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders is my area of expertise. Assessment of work ability or rehabilitation needs is also part of my expertise. I work with young people (over 16 years), adults and older people.

My specialty is degenerative diseases and dementia. My doctoral thesis in 2005 focused on cognitive symptoms in early Alzheimer's disease and since then I have also conducted research on neuropsychological aspects of e.g. Parkinson's disease, vascular brain changes and epilepsy. I am also interested in neuropsychiatric syndromes (eg attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder) and mood disorders (depression, anxiety).

I work at Åbo Akademi as a senior lecturer and have extensive experience in teaching. Through Medishare, I offer training on e.g. the use of the CERAD screening test and cognitive symptoms in degenerative disorders.

My research can be found here.