Jutta Torsti

Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am a psychologist specializing in clinical child neuropsychology.  Since 1998, I have been working with children, mostly in an outpatient clinic of child neuropsychiatry.  In the private sector I started a part-time practice in 2006 focusing on neuropsychological assessments, rehabilitation and  supervision ( of psychologists? Tarviiko olla)  

Areas of my expertise are identifying features of the autism spectrum and supporting the development and well-being of the children within the spectrum. Other difficulties related to social interaction and communication, as well as Tourette's syndrome and attention problems are also familiar to me. In my work enhancing the mental health of special children and their families is important to me. 

 I am a trainer of the ADOS-2 assessment method used in identifying autism. I am also a supervisor in the field of neuropsychology and studying to be a solution-oriented supervisor. At the moment, I mostly supervise and train other professionals.