Annika Koivisto

Specialist psychologist and work supervisor in neuropsychology 

I am a neuropsychologist working with neuropsychological rehabilitation and assessments of children, adolescents and young adults. I also offer guidance/support visits to my clients' parents and their network in general, as well as neuropsychological work supervision for colleagues, other healthcare and pedagogical professionals. I’m also experienced in assessing children and adolescents with an immigrant background.

My special expertise is working with clients who have neuropsychiatric disorders (in which there are, for example, challenges with attention, executive functioning and social interaction) and learning difficulties, as well as neurological diseases such as epilepsy. These and developmental disorders in general are often accompanied by difficulties with mood and emotional regulation. That's why my work includes a therapeutic approach and often in rehabilitation the focus is on, for example, the treatment of anxiety. It is of paramount importance to always focus on the clients’ overall situation and support their self-esteem and positive interaction is general.