Assessment and rehabilitation

Our assessment and rehabilitation unit in Turku offers the services of neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and work supervisors to private, corporate and public administration clients. We offer individual and group medical rehabilitation and conduct neuropsychological assessments for adult, young and child clients. Our medical rehabilitation activities include neuropsychological rehabilitation for children, young and adults, and psychotherapy for adults. We also offer work supervision.

We offer Kela's intensive medical neuropsychological rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

Accessibility has been taken into account in the design of our premises. Bringing guide and assistance dogs to our premises is allowed, but whenever possible, we would like information about this in advance, so that we can also take into account potential allergic customers and employees.

Our goal is to provide up-to-date care and guidance.

Information on the protection of Medishare Oy's patient data (in Finnish)

Privacy statement Medishare Oy patient register (in Finnish)