Assessment and rehabilitation

Our assessment and rehabilitation unit in Turku offers the services of neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and work supervisors to private, corporate and public administration clients. We offer individual and group rehabilitation, such as neuropsychological rehabilitation, reception of a psychologist, as well as psychotherapy for adults, and we conduct neuropsychological assessments for adult and child clients. We also offer work supervision.

Book an appointment for a neuropsychological assessment or inquire about free rehabilitation places at Medishare's office by phone: 020 7959 250, by email: or by using the contact form.

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Kuvituskuva - Psykoterapia

What is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is one of the application fields of psychology that studies the effects of brain function disorders on a person's mental functioning, such as learning and behavior, and rehabilitates the changes caused by the disorders.

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Neurospsykologinen tutkimus -kuvituskuva

A neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment may be necessary when an illness, disability or developmental disorder causes harm to the ability to work or study and/or the ability to function in everyday life. 

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Kuvituskuva - Neuropsykologinen kuntoutus

Neuropsychological rehabilitation

The purpose of neuropsychological rehabilitation is to support everyday live with functional changes caused by brain disease or injury and to alleviate the harm caused by these changes. Neuropsychological rehabilitation is also often helpful in developmental disorders such as learning difficulties, autism spectrum, ADHD.

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Varakuva 3

Children, adolescents and young adults

Medishare's research and rehabilitation unit in Turku offers neuropsychologist and psychologist services also for children, adolescents young adults. We perform both neuropsychological assessments and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

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Kuvituskuva - Neuropsykologia


We offer psychotherapy for adolescents, young adults and adults. Our therapists have different educational orientations, e.g. cognitive and gestalt psychotherapy.

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Kuvituskuva 7

Work supervision

In work supervision, the supervisee explores, evaluates and develops issues related to his/her own work with the help of a trained supervisor. Work supervision can be used in all industries, regardless of the employee's profession or task. Supervisors with a clinical neuropsychology supervisor qualification are specialized in supervising neuropsychological client and patient cases.

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